Sunday, July 6, 2008


Welcome to Chets Creek! Each year we hold meetings after school, especially early in the year, for all of our "new" teachers to Chets Creek to make it easier for them to navigate through the year - sort of letting them in on "inside" information. We meet to give the newbies background information, to tell them what to expect, to help them prepare for upcoming events, and simply to give them a safety zone where they can get any of their questions answered. This year, however, "new" teachers has a different meaning since all of our new teachers to Chets Creek are either experienced teachers or already have a relationship with the school, so... we are going to try something new. Instead of taking time to meet so often, we are going to try to share and answer questions through this blog. Who are the "new to Chets" teachers? Lauren Skipper and Rachel Bridges are returning to us after being on the "mommy track." Nina Thomson and Meli Launey are transferring from other Duval schools and Heather Correia did her internship at Chets Creek. Get to know each of these "new to Chets" teachers in the following posts!


Teach to Learn said...

Welcome to all of you! Toni Chant

Beth S-R said...

I had such a great first year experience last year and have learned so much. Everyone is so welcoming. It truly is a magical place! I love the idea of the blog for new teachers and can't wait to read!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Chets, and/or welcome home!

What, no new MATH TEACHERS?!!!!!!!!!!!



Debbie Harbour said...

What a great tool. I look forward to getting to meet our new teachers. You will love Chets Creek.

Julie Johnson said...

WELCOME!!!! I looking forward reading the posts. As I am sure you all know, Chets is an amazing place!
See you soon!
Julie Johnson