Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Welcome Nina Thomas!

Nina Thomas is joining the Kindergarten Team at Chets Creek, coming to us from Pine Estates Elementary. Nina actually graduated mid-year on a Friday from the University of North Florida and started teaching the following Monday - that was three years ago and she has been teaching kindergarten ever since!

Nina says that she was drawn to Chets Creek because of the excellent work ethic. She describes herself as an over-achiever and a go-getter and says she wanted to be surrounded by other teachers who are as totally dedicated to this profession as she is!

Nina has been happily married to her best friend for 2 years and still feels like a newlywed. Her husband Randy is a technician who does work on commercial kitchen equipment. Nina's parents have been married for 25 years and have been excellent role models. Nina did not grow up in Jacksonville. Her Dad worked for USAirways during her childhood, so she lived in several different places along the east coast. She tells people that she grew up in Pittsburgh because she spent the most time there. Her husband comes from generations of fisherman who came to Mayport from Minorca. Almost all of his extended family live here and are also fisherman, so they now call Jacksonville their home.

Some of our Chets Creek family may know Nina from her dancing at Nancy Dance Studio. She still teaches dance part-time. Besides dancing and spending time with her husband, Nina loves the beach. She also likes scrapbooking and has 2 cats to keep her busy and entertained!

Nina is currently reading A Blueprint For Literacy Success and is waiting for her friend Cristina to pass along a comedy called Notes From the Underbelly, a story about a teacher who gets pregnant that didn’t want children. The book chronicles thoughts during pregnancy and Nina says the word is that it is hilarious!

Nina would love to travel more. She loves the culture of Paris and wants to go back to Italy and would love to go to Australia! For the longest time when she was young Australia was the only place she wanted to visit and still looks forward to the day when she can get there! Maybe she'll visit Australia virtually as she joins us for our trip around the world in 180 days!


rachel_happ said...


I am so excited about this school year and getting to know you better. The K team is going to be an awesome support system for you, as a new-to-Chet's teacher! Enjoy the rest of your summer... the fun is about to begin!

Rachel Happ

Suzanne said...

I'm so happy you've joined the K Team at Chets, and with three years of experience already, who knows, maybe these K kids will become your 1st grade kids next year :) Enjoy your first 180 days at Chets--it will go by in a flash!


Debby Cothern said...

I remember when you began at Pine Estates. I was so excited for you but a little disappointed that you were not going to be a Chets. I kind of thought that in time we would be lucky enough to have you on our faculty. I was right. Welcome!