Sunday, August 16, 2009

Opening - Part 2

It's the day before school starts and I went by the school to take a few pictures to inspire my daughter (did I mention that she just got her first teaching job?!!) I thought other new teachers might also like to see what's going on. Now understand that school hasn't even started so most of the rooms look like this right now.

However, some early bird type-A teachers have already been in their rooms so I went around and snapped a few photos. Our theme this year at Chets is "Orchestrating a Symphony of School Success." Each grade level was given a different genre of music. Second grade was given Broadway. Below are some shots of Third grade's Caribbean tunes and Fourth Grade's Jazz! Take a look at these early pictures and see what you think.

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Jenny said...

You know that we at the Creek do go a little over the top with decorating each year...but what fun! I love the excitement it adds to coming back to school each year for not only teachers but students! This year, I've noticed more than one small group of Chets teachers taking some time to tour the rooms! What a fun way to continue to build relationshipos in a large building while also getting ideas for our own rooms! Gotta love working at the Creek!