Thursday, April 23, 2009

Get to Know Laura Edwards

Laura Edwards recently joined Chet’s Creek to help safety-net the 2nd, 3rd, 4th grade ESE classes. She couldn’t be more excited to finally have a place to call home after two years of constant moving. Being the wife of a Navy helicopter pilot, Laura has come a long way from Lubbock, Texas where she went to school at Texas Tech University. There, she earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Development and Family Studies and went on to earn her Elementary Educator Certificate through Texas Tech’s Graduate School.

Shortly after finishing her teaching internship in Corpus Christi, Texas, Laura and her husband A.J. were transferred to Milton, Florida where she tutored children of military families. They were then transferred to Mayport, Florida in mid-June 2008. Laura immediately began looking up the local elementary schools’ ratings and websites. It wasn’t long until she stumbled upon Chet’s Creek’s homepage and just knew it was where she had to be. Unable to get a full time teaching position so late in the summer, Laura began substitute teaching around Duval County. Thanks to Julie Middleton, Laura picked up a few sub jobs at Chet’s Creek. Meeting the wonderful students and amazing teachers further solidified Laura’s desire to be a part of such a special family. With the help of Debbie Rossignol, Laura secured an introduction and interview with Mrs. Phillips, and the rest is history!

Laura enjoys spending her free time with her husband, A.J., and her Australian Cattle dog, Scout. She also has a passion for watching movies and reading. When she and A.J. can get away, they enjoy camping or visiting friends and family. Laura and A.J. recently took a trip to Disney World for spring break where they traveled around the world at Epcot. Laura hopes to one day actually visit some of those countries. But in the mean time, she will enjoy her virtual adventure around the world at Chet’s Creek!

It’s been a long road, but Laura has finally earned the title, “teacher” (even if it is just part-time ; ). She couldn’t be more thrilled to start her journey here at such an amazing school. Mostly she looks forward to building relationships with the wonderfully talented team of teachers and the caring and enthusiastic students at Chet’s Creek Elementary.


Sherrie Rabe said...

Welcome to CCE!! We are so glad to have you with us.


Anonymous said...

Welcome To Chets Creek! I have heard you are fabulous! Can't wait to meet you in person.

Terri Lehane

Shea Beaudreau said...

We love you, Laura! You are such a special edition to our class. Thanks for all that you do!

Shea, Lourdes & Patti

JJ Ossi said...

Welocome to Chets, you are absolutely right this is the best place to be. Welcome home, trust me no matter where else you may teach, this will always feel like home.

JJ Ossi

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Creek!

Stop by the music room and introduce yourself. I'll sing "The Yellow Rose of Texas" to you!

Dee Dee Tamburrino
Music Educator

Teach to Learn said...

Welcome Laura to this great big and sometimes wild and fun family! TLC

Anonymous said...

Welcome! It is so nice to have actually met you and have spent a little time with you today. I am looking forward to getting to know you better and hopefully work with you soon.

Dorry Lopez said...

I just knew that you would be a part of our family! From the moment I met you, you fit in. You belong here. I loved having you for a sub for Meli Launey and myself. You did an awesome job! Welcome sweet Laura! I am so glad that you are here! If you ever need anything, I am very willing to help you with anything.

Dorry Lopez-Sinclair

Anonymous said...


Welcome welcome welcome ;-}

Please feel free to ask for help with anything.

We are lucky to have you here.


Angela Phillips said...

Welcome to our family. I look forward to getting to know you better.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Chets! It is the greatest place to work. We hear we might be working with you nexst year, so we look forward to getting to know you better! Katie and Heather

Suzanne said...

We are so lucky to have you Laura! I know you are stretched in so many different directions, but you handle it all so beautifully! You are truly a super star!

Chascinc said...

Welcome to the Creek and congratulations! What a joy to be bringing a new life into this world. I am looking forward to getting to know you better this year!